About usCosmolight®

COSMOLight® products are of the highest quality in terms of both workmanship and design.

Light from the passion of creation

We offer lighting solutions for houses, residences, apartments and also hotels and restaurants. Our products aim to combine classic design with modern style and attention to details.

COSMOLight mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality lighting products to all our clients. We strive to continuously develop our competitive offering and efficient quality control.

We want to offer our customers original lighting solutions!

We want to inspire to create beautiful interiors!

We want to stand out trough our durable products!

Cosmolight Vision

Our vision guides as trough all business aspects, we want to achieve balanced growth in all areas:


we build solid ground for cooperation with our partners, clients and suppliers. We continuously support each other, develop our partnership and inspire each other for growth.


our products aim to suit and outrun your needs of timeless beauty and quality in lighting.


we are a cooperative team using its full potential.


we are environmentally responsible aiming to deliver sustainable products.


being a family company we build on values of fairness, trust and mutual respect for both our team members and our key partners.


we are reliable, efficient and growing fast.

Our presence in the industry

We strive to actively co-create the lighting market in Poland and in Europe. Therefore our presence on market events, prestige fairs is essential. We want to influence interior design trends and cooperate with the most renowned design studios.

Evolution Home and B2B sales

We constantly improve the service quality. In 2019 we have launched a modern B2B platform for our business partners.

Intersted? Check it out!