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Thank you for your interest in wholesale cooperation! We welcome all sellers, designers and shops with love for good taste and design. We count on your potential to succeed in promoting and distributing our brand.

A web store aimed at business

As we strive to deliver better and better quality products, we also strive to improve our service quality. We have created an intuitive B2B platform for our busines partners to make the cooperation with us even easier and faster.

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Full Cosmolight catalogue

The Evolutionhome B2B platform is integrated with the Cosmolight product portfolion. Therefore it is always up to date with complete information and integration.

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Business benefits

Using the B2B platform offers benefits and possibilities to exchange information and speed up services in the way that you’ve never seen before.

Promotions for partners

All B2B partners registered on our platform receive access to exclusive promotions.

Payment term prolongation

We offer 7 to 21 days prolongation of your due payment.

Fast shipment

The registered users can count on 48 hours shipment for their orders.


The dropshipping service enables to ship products directly from our warehouse to an end customer.

Promotions and Benefits

Cooperation through the B2B platform brings a package of benefits and additional opportunities that will increase your business and logistics opportunities.

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