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Transitional style by COSMOLight is an exemplary representation of the most elegant, classic version of new American design.

Traditional shapes, perfect proportions and perfect decorations - they are subtle and eye-catching at the same time. Characteristic features of transitional lighting style lamps are gold, black, chrome and nickel finishes, mounting light sources on candlesticks, beautiful bright lampshades and milky glass give a truly American "look", which is gaining more and more fans in Europe.

Lamps in the transitional style combine in a way classic style with modern style. Their design is clean, but the shape and form allude to the timeless roots of the classic style. Thanks to its classic influences, the transitional design is not "going out of style". Interiors decorated in this style are and will be tasteful and representative for a long time. Moreover, this style goes well with the modern style.

Transitional hanging lamps as well as table and wall lamps can provide excellent lighting for the living room, dining room or bedroom, and emphasize the true American feel.

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